Becoming Extraordinary

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Robert White, the CEO of Extraordinary People. Robert is a very special friend of our family. He worked closely with the late, great John Denver for many years, he has transformed over 1.3M peoples lives, and he ranks in the top superstar executive coaches in the world. So when he reached out to me on Facebook to come by for a meet-up, I was so excited. We’re launching a “netflix for sales” site in the coming weeks called We plan to include content (live and on-demand) that highlights the importance of belief, and benefits of figuring out your super-power. And I’m excited to invite Robert White to guest star in the opening days!

From the website | Executives and owners that generate extraordinary results share specific success patterns:

  • They learn from and let go of past failures and successes.   The past ….. belongs in the past!
  • They develop a compelling vision personally and for their organization then learn to powerfully communicate it to others.
  • They learn to use powerful, positive, outcome-framed language thus improving their team’s attitudes, habits and behaviors.
  • They realize the game of business has radically changed and old patterns and processes will no longer bring the success they desire.
  • They learn to use focus, alignment and commitment as tools to set them free from the daily grind so they can truly LEAD!

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