Artificial Intelligence is not “artificial”

At Sales 3.0 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week, I learned about perhaps the first REAL AI PLAY in sales – the combination of automated conversations with personality and core buying motivations to improve conversion rates, at scale. Talk about “personalization at scale”, wow this is it!

SUCKY CALL WITHOUT “ARTIFICIAL” INTELLIGENCE – Imagine cold calling someone, they pick up, your brain goes blank, and you fumble your words, and the prospect hangs up. Sound familiar? This used to happen to me all the time.

AMAZING CALL WITH INTELLIGENCE – Now imagine calling someone who is JUST like you.  They think like you, they have the same personality, the same buying motivations.  This time, you have script (I like to call a “talk track” care of my cube mate from 10 years ago Rick Johnson), that is purpose-built for that conversation!  The right tonality, the right words, the right buyer type that you should be talking to. What I’m working on for 2018 will really blow your mind, when I’ll be adding the “right message”.

The tech stack to make this happen? to configure the various lists/sequences, “Joy” to deliver the personality profiling matches, and ConnectAndSell to serve up conversation after conversation.

The end game – 5-10X more volume of conversations, 2-5X better conversion rates when you get there.

Happy scaling,

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