Apple “Slows Down” old iPhones

For the past few weeks, I felt my Apple iPhone 6S slow down and even freeze at times.  I rebooted, deleted a few apps, and still have 28GB left on a 128GB device. The conspiracy theorist in me made me think – is Apple doing this on purpose to cause me to buy a new phone? Turns out, the answer to that is yes. I did buy a new iPhone, and Apple was found out for “cheating”.  Read more here.

If you are a publically traded software company that believes that AI for Sales will be prevalent in 2018, and that sales acceleration technology will be commonplace now that Outreach & ConnectAndSell have integrated, and you want to SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPETITION, then you might want to give me a call.

Imagine if… you had the solution that gave you 10-20X speed to market (personalization at scale) and your competition didn’t.  Imagine being in every single deal before it was a deal, and your competition was stuck on slower speeds (i.e. iPhone 6s vs. iPhone X).

Just like the iPhone X gives you speed, the tech stack can also give you speed.  And there just might be a way to ensure that your competition doesn’t get that speed.  Interested, hit me up on LinkedIn!

Three call centers have called me trying to figure out our secret sauce, two F1000 companies have called me, most of the major players in sales engagement tech…  Net, net – someone will dominate your market in 2018. It will either be you OR your competition, not likely both of you! Do you want to slow down your competition like Apple did with prior models, or are you satisfied with competing on the same level playing field?

Good selling.

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