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Before a sales pitch, we need to empathize, connect, and build trust with a Sr Exec prospect.

`All readers with an amount of skepticism understand branded content has an agenda.  Therefore, any content produced by a vendor inherently lacks full credibility – even when packaged as legitimate research.  To become a trusted source of unbiased information, you must position yourself away from vendor status.’  I could not agree more with this analysis by B2B Marketing, but that doesn’t make the reality any less daunting.  ‘Sr Executives spend less than 2% of their time with vendors each week; that is equal to less than one hour’.

Executives being busy with running a company certainly makes accessing them for a sales pitch a challenge, but an equally significant challenge to building trust is the inability for many salespeople and marketers to stop wanting to talk about themselves.  It’s common for many of us in all professions to be most comfortable when we talk about what we have, what we want, and how we think things should go.  Sales and marketers who excel at trust-building with Sr Execs do so by showing they understand and empathize with an executive’s situation.  So how can this be done?

Start from trying to build trust and to stand out right from the beginning.  Have you exhausted all possible avenues for a warm referral?  It’s easy to peruse through your 1st-degree connections on and call it quits early on research.  Given warm referrals are the #1 lead source for generating revenue, so we all should be willing to go the extra mile in mining our networks and making calls to find introductions.  2nd, of course, we need to understand the challenges that an executive in facing in their industry and business.  While very important, I think a better point to empathize with is understanding how an executive is measured.  I see so many salespeople and marketers forget to ask or seek out that information.  That is not commoditized and can vary by company.  The former is all over the internet.  From there, build your initial outreach by showing you understand their KPI and how you can support them.  That commands attention.  An industry challenge is an industry problem, but a KPI is personal to that executive.


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