AI for Firing?

Wait, what? Are bots getting involved with firing decisions?  Say it isn’t so!

Hear this out…  frontline managers are great at “protecting” their people, right? They say, just give Elon another quarter – he’ll get there, I promise!  Another quarter comes and goes, still at 72% or even worse, 17%.  I remember my 1:1’s with MJ Shutte at Riverbed very clearly – she would tell me, “Chad, you can’t just measure by the metrics”, more was involved in getting the reps buy-in to the numbers, “having their back” when things are unfair, and making comp screw-ups the #1 priority when they happen (to name a few).  And… don’t forget each and every person’s birthday on the team!  LOVE THAT ABOUT MJ!

If the bot can monitor 1M sales professionals intake, and then their performance over time, to tell you which sales professionals to hire (Right? Dave Kurlan, CEO of Objective Management Group), then why can’t a bot monitor the dashboards, including dials, conversations, emails sent, pipeline, conversion rates, and alert the manager when things aren’t looking good?


It turns out, there are solutions that can do this. Companies like Aviso will actually tell you where a Rep will finish for the quarter – on the first day of the quarter.  And where a team will finish.  And how to coach the rep given their conversion rates.  Cool concept.  Check them out at Sales 3.0 in Vegas on October 25 and 26.  Register now!

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