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Recently a good friend Jamie Shanks, CEO of SalesforLife, raised the question – what are the must-attend AI events in 2019?

So I put together this list of events (note: many of the websites are still showing 2018 events, so I expect they will be updated in a few days).

AI reminds me of the internet – at first everyone was like, “what is this thing called the internet”, in a few years – massive adoption. AI is the same way – if you aren’t keeping up on this technology shift, you might be left behind!



AI Conferences:

AI Conferences Conference Notes Link Location
Best AI Events
1/29 to 1/30 AI Innovation Summit Looks costly! San Francisco, CA
9/25 to 9/26 AI Summit / AI Business “Good”, NY was better San Francisco, CA
1/24 to 1/25 Re-Work Summit Looks interesting San Francisco, CA
6/20 to 6/21 AI For Good Summit Looks interesting San Francisco, CA
4/15 – 4/18 AI Conference – OReilly (NY) Top rated New York, NY
9/9 to 9/12 AI Conference – OReilly (SJC) Top rated San Jose, CA
8/20 – 8/22 Singularity Conference (Flagship Event) WOW!!! San Francisco, CA
2/20 – 2/21 Singularity Conference (Madrid, Spain) Too close to B2B Marketing Exchange in AZ! Madrid, Spain
4/23 – 4/24 Singularity Conference (Edmonton, CA) Interesting Edmonton, CA


Sales Conferences and is attending in 2019!

Dates Event Link City, State
2/14 to 2/15 Digital Sales Summit Galveston, TX
2/25 to 2/27 B2B Marketing Exchange Scottsdale, AZ
3/10 to 3/13 Outreach Unleash 2019 San Diego, CA
3/14 ABM Innovation Summit San Francisco, CA
4/16 to 4/18 AA-ISP Chicago Chicago, IL
5/5 to 5/9 Sirius Decisions Austin, TX

*TOPO, sorry, we would have really loved to attend, however, overlapping with the AA-ISP is a non-starter.  The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals is a must attend for any leaders in the inside sales profession!

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