Two Reps, Two Weeks, 7,500 Dials, and 38 Meetings

It’s the season of COVID-19, who in their right mind would cold call during a time like this?

Did you realize that I’m quarantined at my house for the next 30 days, your company should send you home!

These are the types of responses that a lot of sales professionals might expect to hear during these crazy times, they are right, and they are also WRONG!  How can they be right, and wrong at the same time? Because it’s true a few people out of hundreds will say these things. But the 38 who accepted a meeting over the past two weeks said things like:

“Your timing is perfect, we need a new phone system during this crisis!”

“Usually I’m booked in back-to-back meetings, but yeah, I’ll take a meeting during these crazy times”

Black Swan, a term we have read about, possibly experienced at some stage of our careers. This one is different though. This time it has affected everyone, everywhere.  Social Distance is a common term today, remote working environments are required (#WFH is the new slang for Work From Home).  Our business and personal lives have never been so connected, whether we like it or not.   In this post, you will learn that volume and speed is the key to survival in this market.

We reluctantly admit that this black swan event has changed not only how we interact but how decisions are being made. Sales has become harder and we need to make changes to our approach, right?  Maybe, maybe not.

So many self-proclaimed “experts” have been pushing a renaissance claiming tools and automation will not work in a time like the COVID crisis.  The way I see it, the use of technology has just made it easier for sales.  The right combination and at the click of a mouse can create a connection in an instant. Given our current situation, we have a captive audience. All in all, we have only become more efficient. The fact is, a global crisis or not, there has not been enough time to remap the decision-making process that our brain is hard-wired with.

The only change a salesperson has to make is to stop thinking about themselves.  In fact, this is nothing new.  Every salesperson has heard this from day 1 of training.  Many have never done it, most organizations only talk about it and those that actually do it are the ones that meet or exceed their goals.   So what is different now? We are all facing the same struggles.  We all have something in common!  Without acknowledging this you will not see even the slightest bit of success.  Empathy is the key, and now is the time to build this habit with your sales process.

What has ScaleX seen? Over the past 4 weeks, when this crisis has hit the United States the hardest, a team of two sales professionals has delivered 7,500 dials between 2 campaigns.  These are 2 very different verticals with very different offerings.  Understanding how the pandemic was affecting our lives personally and professionally, we took to our web meeting and talked through how we could start a conversation and if the offerings would be of any assistance to their target market.  Once we were able to identify how we could help, we created a script for each campaign.  Shortly after, we scrapped it.  After going over it a few times we realized that empathy isn’t about finding a way in, it is truly about understanding what the other individual is going through.  We put aside any offer and designed our script around them, the individual.  Now of course, we introduced ourselves and mentioned why we’re calling, to help and understand.  The results have been quite remarkable.  A few things defied our original projections.  Because of One-Click Conversation technology we were able to reach more people and have more conversations even with our average talk time doubling!

The conversations were genuine and engaging.  Through an empathetic engagement, two of us were able to book 38 meetings in 2 weeks! 

Customer #1 – Out of Approximately 1500 dials we booked 17 meetings, 23 send information and had a dial to connect of 11 to 1.

Customer #2 – Out of Approximately 6000 Dials we booked 21 meetings, 36 send information, and had a dial to connect around 19 to 1.

Why does this matter to you?  Because you need to jump on the train and the real question is how quickly you can reach your market before everyone adopts this same process.


Good selling,

Dustin Swensgard, Director of Customer Success,

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