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"It's amazing how quickly you've been able to get ramped up. In the short time you've been with us - you've generated the same amount of opportunities as the previous company did over the course of almost 12 months. Your BDR delivered more meetings than our entire sales team of 11!" Satisfied ScaleX client Design, Deliver and Optimize Design, Deliver and Optimize

You get 2.5 years of sales activities delivered in 3 months by the best BDRs in the country. 30,000 sales activities include personalized email powered by AI, phone-powered by conversation automation and LinkedIn outreach. Personalization at Scale Suite Personalization at Scale Suite

After 3 months of optimal results from the Design, Deliver, and Optimize program, ScaleX delivers the Personalization at Scale Suite of technology to your sales team (including SDRs, BDRs, and Account Executives). Leveraging the platform, SDRs and BDRs now deliver 10,000 personalized sales activities per month. Account Executives can now deliver ~1,000 sales activities/month (and without the need to do painful, and manual, dialing).

Customer Success

Customer Success

Before ScaleX, a team of 11 Sales Reps averaged 47 opportunities per month. In the first month of partnering with ScaleX, a single BDR delivered 12,567 sales activities that led to 44 opportunities (including Apple, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and and the internal team delivered 64 opportunities leveraging the same technology stack and optimized process.

The story

The story delivers personalization at scale. Whether you are looking to bring more productivity to your internal sales team, or partner with a company who can deliver 25 - 50 meetings per month per BDR, ScaleX has a solution. In the past 100 years, not much has changed in sales, until now. With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP), personalization at scale is possible for the first time ever. Imagine a salesperson averaging 50 "sales activities" per day with very little personalization vs. a salesperson, powered by AI, averaging 500-1000+ sales activities per day--no contest. ScaleX delivers market domination at a pace that is 5-10X faster and more effective.

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